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Baby announcement photos – Oahu, Hawaii | The Moss Family

Nothing is more cute than doing baby announcement photos, featuring your two Golden Retriever dogs! This baby announcement was short, sweet, and fun! Making a photo shoot shorter with dogs is sometimes key! Ranger and Theo were some of the stars of the show! Kaiaka Bay Beach Park was perfect for this growing family, especially since they were bringing their two dogs!

Baby Announcement Photos – Oahu, Hawaii

I was so stoked when Karley and Andrew asked me to capture the big news they wanted to share with their friends and family, and the entire world. I had first met these two way back in 2017 when I photographed their elopement on the westside of Oahu. Fun fact about their wedding day, it poured so hard, but we still made the best of it! I would have never thought that we would become close friends over the years! I am so thankful for their friendship. I can not wait for them to welcome their sweet baby boy this 2023 year! I am looking forward to documenting their growing family in the near future. One of the greatest things about being a photographer, and doing what I do, is building amazing friendships with so many awesome people. Sometimes it is people you didn’t know you needed in your life.

baby announcement photo with twoo golden retriever dogs

Kaiaka Bay Beach Park

If you are searching for both beach, and a wide open field with beautiful trees, this beach park is the spot for you! It is so spacious, relaxed, and very low key. The water is absolutely gorgeous too! It is the perfect photo spot if you are planning to bring along those fur babies as well. The parking is easy, and close to both park and beach.

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