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What To Bring To Your Beach Photo Shoot | Oahu, Hawaii

When planning on having your photos taken in Hawaii, most of the time it will be on a beautiful beach with breathtaking scenery. There were times when couples came unprepared for their session. Here are 5 things on what to bring to your next beach photo shoot.

Change Of Clothes + Shoes

Whether you plan on changing into your bathing suit for some water photos or staying in the clothes you came in, bring a pair of nice dry clothes for yourself. Being in wet clothes in the car can be uncomfortable. Another good reason is if you are vacationing here on Oahu, and you have a rental car, you want to keep that rental car nice and clean. As far as shoes, always bring a pair of flip-flops with you. If you’re not arriving in them. It will be easier for you to put shoes on after being in the ocean instead of struggling to get socks or closed-toed shoes on. Making your life much easier!


A good ole towel is another great thing to bring to your beach photo shoot too. Who goes to the beach without a towel right? This is probably the easiest simplest thing you can forget!


Depending on the time of day of your session, you may want to consider bringing sunscreen along. It’s always better safe than sorry to just bring it anyway. You will want to bring it if your session runs earlier in the day because the sun will most likely be beaming during midday hours.

Waterproof Bag

Another great thing to bring to your beach photo shoot is a waterproof bag, or any type of bag for your personal belongings so sand nor water gets on anything you don’t want it to get on. I highly recommend the Aloha Collection bags! I will link it here for you! They are amazing, waterproof bags that can be used for anything. Bringing an extra bag will be great to put your wet clothes in as well after your beach session. O’ahu, Hawaii has some beautiful beaches and I hope you plan your next one feeling confident on being prepared for what to bring to your photo shoot! Mahalo!

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