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Couples Date Session | Honolulu, Hawaii

Taking this couples session in Honolulu, Hawaii to a whole other level! Sometimes you are looking for a couples photoshoot that is a little different than what you see on the internet. That’s why a couples date session is underrated! It can be anything you want it to be. Below I will list five ways to have the perfect couples date session.

1. Pick a Date

Picking a date and time that you and your partner are both available can be one of the first things you can start doing and agreeing on. I would have a few dates in mind, so, if one of that dates don’t work, you can have a backup date.

2. Style Your Couples Date Session

You can style your session, or have it laidback and casual. A styled session would be like the pictures below. This couple had their date at Rock Island Cafe in downtown Honolulu.

3. Pick An Activity

Pick an activity both you and your partner will enjoy doing together. You want this activity to be fun for the two of you. This can be a lunch date at a cute cafe, or a little diner like Rock Island Cafe. You can do a picnic on the beach, and going for a swim afterwards. You can do a hiking date, fishing, kayaking, boating, or even a in-home session cooking your favorite meal together. Whatever the two of you will enjoy doing together, choose that.

4. Plan Your Couples Date Session

Planning your date will make things go a lot more smoothly and you’ll know what to expect. Your photographer can help you plan the perfect date too. Planning your date should look like choosing outfits, location(s) and time. If there is somewhere you want to go but it’s more public, we may have to call and reserve and, or, check to see if we can photograph there and use their space.

5. Booking Your Photographer

Hopefully that photographer is me, but on a real not, you do want to book a photographer you trust an feel comfortable with. Making sure they are understanding your wants and needs, and visions. Making sure their communication is good with you. You want to look at their work, and be in love with it! This will make your client experiencing 100x better.

Alycia Crow Photography is a local elopement photographer located on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. Serving all couples and ALL love. Elopements, Couples, Weddings, Anniversaries, Honeymoons.

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