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Kahala Beach Wedding | Honolulu, Hawaii

Kahala beach is a beautiful beach perfect for a wedding. This Kahala beach wedding was surrounded by the beauty O’ahu has to offer. With hawaiian blue oceans, and the famous Kokohead crater mountain in the background, and beautiful palm trees as your background scenery. 

Why Kahala Beach might be the right location for your wedding

This location might be the right choice for you if you’re looking for a location that is relatively laid back, quick to access, and offers beautiful scenery. Kahala beach is a beautiful beach, surrounded by palm trees, blue ocean, and soft sand. It’s also close to convenient stores in the Kahala mall center for guests who might be staying close. It’s also a great beach to hangout for the day and soak up the sun.

Beth + Ben wanted a location that offered just that. This location would not disappoint. Attending their intimate wedding was friends and family close to them to witness their marriage. I was so excited to work with the two of them. Having a small intimate wedding becomes special in its own way. Allowing your guests to be more intimate all together and with the bride and groom. Their ceremony was very low key, laid back, and special. After their ceremony we kicked it off with family portraits which was quick and easy and not stressful for anyone, following bride and groom portraits. With Beth and Ben it was romantic and intimate for the two of them. With stunning, tall palm trees in the background and blue ocean surrounding them. They laughed and played, that’s when I truly got to capture those candid moments of the two of them. 

Kahala Beach Wedding

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